Choi Minseok 2020 OGN ChampionAsian Darts

Hyejin Choi and Minseok Choi are the 2020 OGN Darts Championship Champions!

It’s finally the day we’ve (well I at least) been waiting for: The finals of the OGN Darts Championship. There were two great matches on today’s schedule, the ladies final with Hye Jin Choi and Hye Lim Seong and the men’s/unlimited final with Min Seok Choi and Yeo Joon Park. These four are without doubt among the best South Korean players.

In the first match, Hyejin Choi was too strong to Hyelim Seong. Choi showed the strong form she showed the past weeks and convincingly won the first set. The second set was closer but won by Choi as well. The match between Yeojoon Park and Minseok Choi was closer, but after the first set Choi gained confidence and won the second set with bigger numbers.

More information about the tournament can be found here. Summaries of the matches are down below for you all who missed it and want to read what’s happened.

Hye Jin Choi 2-0 Hye Lim Seong

Set 1: 4-0
Set 2: 4-3

Seong starts the match and it looks like Choi has some kind of injury as she has her arm taped. Though Choi starts way better and leaving 150 with three darts to finish, she hits two bulls and the third goes straight into the middle of the bull. She breaks and is 1-0 up in the first set. Choi starts the second leg with three hattrickts, leaving Seong way behind and finishing 57 by hitting S19 D19. She’s up 2-0 in the first set. The next leg of cricket is very close, but it’s Choi who takes the leg and is 3-0 up in the first set. Choi also takes the fourth leg (yes, every set is first to four legs in the final) and takes the first set.

Choi starts the first set and misses D16 for a 132-finish, Seong checks out 88 to break and leads 1-0 in the second set. Choi breaks back by checking out 80 (S20 T20), so it’s 1-1. Seong wins the third leg of cricket by scoring 818 points. Choi breaks again in a nervy leg of cricket to make the score 2-2. Seong breaks yet again to lead in set 2. Another break from Choi sets her on matchpoint, but so far this set only had breaks. Though at a crucial time, Choi holds her own leg to win the match 2-0 in sets and becomes ladies champion!

Hye Jin Choi OGN 2020 winner
Hye Jin Choi OGN 2020 winner

Yeo Joon Park 0-2 Min Seok Choi

Set 1: 3-4
Set 2: 2-4

The first leg starts with a good standard with Park missing a 180-finish and Choi missing a 164-finish. Park then takes the first leg. Choi takes the second leg by checking out 119. A strong cricket leg from Park sees him in the lead again, 2-1 in legs. The next leg of cricket is a strong one by Choi, who makes 2-2 in legs. Park checks out 102 in the next 701-leg to go 3-2 up. Choi takes the score to 3-3 and this makes the first set a close one already. Choi takes the first break by hitting 5.47 MPR in the next leg of cricket and wins the first set.

Choi takes confidence out of the first set and also leads 2-0 in the second set. Park comes back in the third leg with a good leg of cricket, 2-1. With 5.16 MPR Park takes another leg of cricket to make the score 2-2 in legs. Choi then hits 3 hattricks, 101 and a 150 checkout to win the next 701-leg. Choi then misses his first matchdart, but hits the next one to win the match!

Choi Minseok 2020 OGN Champion
Choi Minseok 2020 OGN Champion

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