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Leslie Lee wins CC1K Grand Final in Singapore

Leslie Lee has come out as champion of the Grand Final of the 2019 CC1K season in Singapore. He won the Grand Final on the 14th of March by beating Harith Lim in a close match, 3-2.

What is CC1K?

CC1K (Count-Up Club 1000) is a monthly tournament for the top players in Singapore. There’s also a CC1K in Malaysia, as well as a CC2K and CC2K Ladies. There are 4 Stages being played and it ends with a Grand Final to determine the champion. It’s an invitational tournament, to qualify for a monthly STAGE, players must have a minimum 10 rating in softtip and hit 1000 points in COUNT-UP for the month.

Format during the stages

The playing format during the individual stages and the Grand Final is as following:

CC1K match format is single elimination tournament.
Alternative start rule
Round limit
701: 15 Round limit
STANDARD CRICKET: 20 Round limit

Grand Final

To qualify for the Grand Final, one had to end up in the top 20 of the annual ranking. Chua Tze Siong was the number one on that ranking after four stages, Lee was the number four while Lim was on a 9th spot.

River Ang and Melvin Zheng both lost in the semifinal, both grabbing a best 4 place (shared third). The Malaysian Grand Finals (region South & East) will take place next week on the 21st of March. The Malaysian Grand Final in the Central Region has been played on the 8th of March and was won by Tan Jenn Ming, Edison Phung was runner-up.

The final can be re-watched below, it starts at 33 mins, before that the semifinals are being played.


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